How to Place an Ad

There are 5 steps to placing an ad.
1. Complete Form, 2. LogIn, 3. Select Category, 4 Enter Ad Details & Upload FIles, 5 Finish.
Click on each of the steps below to review each of the steps.


  • 1 Login/Registration
  • 2 Enter Ad Information
  • 3 Finish

Hi, You need to be a registered user to post Ads in this website. Please use the form below to login or click the link to register.

To place an ad you need an account, go to the Classifieds page and simply scroll down a complete the form. You will need your member number and the username registered on website.

When we receive your request we will create an account and email you your login credentials along with login instructions. You can login by clicking the LOGIN on the top right corner of the screen:

Click on Select a Category and select the appropriate category, enter the correct Math Captcha and then click the Continue button.

Complete the form.


  • Name and email will be automatically filled in.
  • When entering the Item Price just enter the number no $.
  • You may use the Website URL field to link to additional pictures or if you have a listing elsewhere.
  • You are allowed to upload ten images. The minimum file size is 50 bytes and Maximum file size 800 Kb. The minimum image width and height is 480. The maximum image width and height is 1024.

Notes: Review the information you entered. You can click Edit Ad if you need to update

The duration of an ad is 90 days. An expiration notice will be sent 5 days prior to expiration and will allow you to renew it.

All ads must first be approved by the before they are activated in the system. Ads are usually approved within a couple hours. As soon as it has approved your ad it will become visible in the system. You will receive an email confirming that your ad has been successfully submitted.