European Baby

EuropeanDeliveryThe Goodriches had a wonderful time touring Europe with the help of their newest addition to the family, a 228iM sport in Estoril blue with Terra interior.  From the time we stepped into the Welt and were entitled to the ‘red carpeted elevator’ to the tour of the factory we had a fabulous time. We drove from Munich to Stuttgart,  onwards to Strasbourg, France and dropping off the car in Zurich adding 560 miles to the original 1.2 miles as it was delivered with and taking a train to Venice to end with an 8-day cruise to Croatia, Greek Isles, and Istanbul .  The fond memories followed us home with one ticket addressed to “Frau Goodrich” for exceeding the speed limit in Germany.  Something we noticed and inquired into was that many BMW owners in Germany remove the identifying series number off of their cars as to not flaunt their status.   All in all a great trip was had, although I was disappointed I could not exceed 125 mph on the Autobahn  due to the new car breaking in period.