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May 2016 Trivia

Question: What other device did BMW build for the Olympics? Answer Bobsled for the US bobsled team (Click here read the article)

April 2016 Trivia

Question: Who would win a quarter mile race an M4 or an i8? Answer The i8. (Click here read the article)

March 2016 Trivia

Question: The X3 is currently being made in Spartenburg but can’t keep up with the demand. Where is the next manufacturing plant …

February 2016 Trivia

Question: John Strom showed a photo of this car and asked the members if they new what it was. No one had …

January 2016 Trivia

So you’re a BMW expert are you? Here’s a tricky one: Name the model shown here! Answer

October 2015 Trivia

What car manufacturer beat out BMW in the month of September for luxury car in America? Answer: Mercedes Benz, BMW sold 26,608 …

September 2015 Trivia

What does the “I” stand for in the i3 and i8 electric BMW’s? Answer: Innovation  (Click here read about the BMW i)

July 2015 Trivia

What is the next i BMW ? Answer: The i3 and it will be coming out in 2019. It will be a …

June 2015 Trivia

What is the new BMW color? Answer:  Frozen White (matte white). It is only on the M6 right now.  (Click here to view the Motor …

May 2015 Trivia

3-series is going through a mid-series renovation. What is the new engine replacing the 335 motor? Answer: Will be called the 340I …

April 2015 Trivia

How many years has BMW been making the X-series?  Answer: 15. The first X was the X5. The majority of the X SAV’s …

March 2015 Trivia

(1) What is the largest market for BMW? (2) What is the knockoff BMW company in China called?  Answer:  (1) China (2) Brilliance (1) …

February 2015 Trivia

Which luxury brand sold the most units Q4 2014? Answer:  Mercedes Benz Lexus BMW  (Click here to view the Automotive News article below) …

January 2015 Trivia

What does the “M” stand for and what was the first M car Answer: Motorsport and the 1984 M5 (Click here to view …

November 2014 Trivia

When do the windshield wipers cycle automatically to make sure they do not stick. Answer:  If you leave your BMW sitting for a …

October 2014 Trivia

Who exports the most cars from the US?  Answer: BMW from Spartanburg SC.  They are also doing a $1 billion expansion which …

September 2014 Trivia

What famous singer of the 60’s had two rare BMW’s and what was the model? Answer: Presley and he had two 507’s  (Click …

July 2014 Trivia

When the first art car was done and How many art cars have been done to date? The first art car wad done …

June 2014 Trivia

What M special edition sold out in 15 seconds this year? Answer: M5 30th anniversary edition.

May 2014 Trivia

What BMW model is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this month? M5 (Click here to view the article below)

April 2014 Trivia

What is a Force Injection Booster (FIB)? (Click here to view the article below)

March 2014 Trivia

When was the first 8 Series BMW  in production and the last year in production?  Answer:  Concept was in 1986, first production year …

February 2014 Trivia

BMW uses codenames to describe the car configuration. The original codes started with an “E” followed by a two digit number. Through …

January 2014 Trivia

Where was a December 16, 2013, groundbreaking for a new BMW plant held that will cost 325 million dollars to build? Brazil

October 2013 Trivia

BMW uses codenames to describe the car configuration. The original codes started with an “E” followed by a two digit number. Through …

2014 BMW i8 Plug in Hybrid

September 2013 Trivia

How much will the new i8 cost when it comes out in a few months? 2014 BMW i8 Priced at $136,625, Production …

1995 BMW M3 Lightweight

August 2013 Trivia

What year did the M3 Lightweight get introduced and who designed it and how much lighter was it than the M3? The …

July 2013 Trivia

M3CSL, E46 questions: What did CSL stand for on this model and what year? How much lighter than the usual M3 was …

Most Poweful Car Brand

June 2013 Trivia

Which auto brand is rated the most powerful in the world and what is the brand value? BMW it’s brand value 26.3 billion …

May 2013 Trivia

BMW is changing the numbering system: Series 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. So what does this mean? Even numbers were two door; …

March 2013 Trivia 1937-328

March 2013 Trivia

What is the year, model and cost of the car pictured below? 1937 328 priceless    

BMW Car and Bike

February 2013 Trivia

BMW Clubs Bring Drivers and Riders Together Click here to view the article on

BMW says November best month ever

January 2013 Trivia

BMW says November best month ever Click here to read the article on