2016 3rd Annual Family Picnic

If you didn’t get to join us Sunday, July 10th at the Annual Family you can still share our experience (then you may want to join us on our next event!).

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Once again, the annual family picnic was held at picturesque Bowers Mansion outside of Reno City Limits.  We had approximately 35 attendees with some new attendees which was great to see. The  chapter once again provided the entrees, but this year we added a new addition – Linguiça which seemed to be a hit!  As usual there was a wide variety of side dishes  so no one should’ve left hungry. The weather was a bit fickle, as it’s been quite a windy July, but it was warm when it was calm! The hoola-hoops stayed home this year, as did the pie eating contests, but we had two children who proved to be good golfers and artists with each of them leaving with a stuffed animal!

 About Bowers Mansion Park

Bowers Mansion Park is on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada. Expansive sunny lawn areas and lots of tall shade trees make this a perfect spot for picnics. We have reserved the Washoe Pagoda.

The pool will be open from noon to 5:00 pm for public swim, (weather permitting). For more information about the pool, swimming lessons or renting the pool for an event, please call 849-0644

The recently restored Bowers Mansion is located in the center of the park and offers a rare glimpse into Nevadan life of the 1860’s. L.S. “Sandy” Bowers and his psychic wife, Eilley Oram, earned a fortune in their silver mine near Gold Hill, Nevada. They were Nevada’s first Comstock Lode millionaires. With their wealth they built a mansion in 1864 and then traveled the world to furnish it. It is now one of the most impressive restored homes in Nevada. Tours are available on weekends during the summer. Adults: $8/person and Child & Seniors $5/person.

The Visitors Center is located directly behind the Mansion. The mansion is open for guided tours. Call (775) 849-0201 to schedule a tour.